Nos villes et nos collectivités sont à l'avant-plan de nombreux défis environnementaux, que ce soit du changement climatique et de la qualité de l'air, de la perte de l'espace vert ou la pollution des cours d'eau. Pourtant, les villes et les communautés dépouillées de revenues ont souvent les moindres ressources pour relever ces défis. Notre initiative «Outils économiques pour les villes et les collectivités» permet aux acteurs des communautés, y compris les gouvernements locaux, les autorités de protection de la nature, les services publics, les entreprises et les résidents, d'arriver avec de nouvelles perspectives économiques ainsi que des approches et des outils pour protéger l'environnement.



Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Local governments across Canada are faced with significant asset management challenges. Many of the services they provide - including water and wastewater delivery, waste removal, transportation, and environmental services. The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative aims to equip local governments across Canada with the tools needed to identify and account for natural assets at the community level.



New Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management

Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI) launched the New Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management project in November 2015 with the aim of enhancing the resilience of Canadian urban centres by moderating the impacts of extreme rainfalls through increased use of green infrastructure, and encouraging more Canadian municipalities to support this through “user pay” models and other incentives.



The Cost of Sprawl

Suburban sprawl is spreading across Canada as cities expand outwards to accommodate the growing demand for lower cost houses. But it’s time to look behind the low price tag, and examine the true costs of suburban sprawl. Suburban development imposes an economic and environmental burden on all Canadians regardless of where they live.



Getting to Implementation

Communities have a key role to play in energy. While many communities in Canada are advancing plans to define priorities around energy, all communities need help getting from plans and ideas to implementation. Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the Community Energy Association, QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, and Smart Prosperity Institute.