Truzaar Dordi

Étudiant, University of Waterloo

Truzaar Dordi is a doctoral candidate at the University of Waterloo, working in the fields of sustainable finance, climate policy, and risk management. His research examines financial system stability in the face of rapid decarbonization policies, to enhance the role of the private sector in mobilizing green financing. Specifically, he is interested in the systemic consequences of decarbonization in asset pricing and portfolio allocation strategies. Truzaar is the recipient of the 2018 Energy Council of Canada Energy Policy Research Fellowship, awarded for his work on financial stability.

During his work with SPI, Truzaar provided research support for an EEPRN project entitled: "Strategies and Policies for Integrating the Canadian Financial Sector into Financing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy". This work was completed under the supervision of Olaf Weber.