Michal Miedzinski

Associé de recherche sénior au UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR)

Michal Miedzinski is Senior Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR). Michal has long-standing experience in leading studies on green economy and eco-innovation for the EU institutions (notably the European Commission and the European Parliament), international organisations (OECD, UNIDO, DCED, ASEIC) as well as for the regional authorities in many countries (e.g. Poland, Italy, France, Turkey). He co-designed and has been a long-standing coordinator (2010-2016) of the European Eco-Innovation Observatory, a pioneering European knowledge and data platform on eco-innovation for policy-makers and business.

Michal holds a Ph.D. in Planning from the University of Manchester (2015). He has a Master's degree in Regional Economic Planning from Warsaw University (2001), Master of Arts in European Public Affairs from University of Maastricht and EIPA (2000) and a BA in International Relations from Warsaw University (1998).