Ben Cashore

Professeur, Directeur du Programme sur la Politique et la Gouvernance Forestière, Directeur de l'Initiative Gouvernance, Environnement et Marchés, Ecole des Etudes Forestières et Environnementales de Yale

Ben is Director of the Governance, Environment and Markets (GEM) Initiative at Yale and is the Joseph C. Fox Faculty Director of the Yale International Fox Fellows Program. He is courtesy joint appointed in Yale’s Department of Political Science. Cashore’s major research interests include transnational business regulation; domestic and international regulatory policies; the emergence and evolution of non-state governance innovations; and the role of economic globalization and trade liberalization in shaping policy development among firms, non-state actors, civil society. His ongoing research efforts are focused on understanding how the interaction of multiple -levels of governance, public and private, might evolve to produce durable global environmental governance and sustainability solutions. 

Ben Cashore is this year our Fulbright Visiting Research Chair, a Research Partner in the Greening Growth Partnership project and a Global Fellow in the Global Fellows and Clean Innovation Research Program.