Sheri Andrews-Key

Chief Scientist & Founder, Innovative Climate Strategies and Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan and UBC

Sheri is the Chief Scientist & Founder of Innovative Climate Strategies, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Saskatchewan and an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer at the UBC Faculty of Forestry. Sheri has an extensive background in various facets of the application of the science-management-policy interface in environmental and resource based sectors and government across Canada. She has a special focus on climate change, vulnerability and risk assessment, development and implementation of adaptation and building the business case for adaptation for industry, government, private land owners, communities, and other stakeholders. Sheri is a lead in large scale climate vulnerability assessments, with an applied approach to adaptation and development of the business case for adaptation in the forest sector in Canada.

Sheri Andrews-Key is a Research Partner in the Economics & Environmental Policy Research Network.